Stage Equipment
We prefer not to spike the stage floor. Some weights and braces are available. If this is of concern please contact the Theatre as soon as possible.

We prefer no painting or construction work to be undertaken in the Theatre. Some alterations / running repairs will of course be allowed within reason. Again, any worries on this point – please get in touch.

Any electrical equipment provided by the company (including stage lighting) must conform to all current safety standards and regulations.

Any stage lights provided by the company must be fitted with a safety bond.

The Theatre reserves the right to refuse the use of any equipment, including scenery, deemed to be unsafe. Also the Theatre reserves the right to prohibit any actions or activity in the Theatre, including parts of the performance, deemed to put either theatre staff, performers or public at risk.

No Smoking Policy
The Theatre has a strict No-Smoking policy. Smoking as part of a performance is prohibited, as is the use of herbal cigarettes.

Food and Drink
Food and drinks are prohibited from the Control Box, Stage and Backstage Area. Food and drinks as part of a performance are at the Theatre’s discretion.

Health and Safety
Please take a moment to read the H&S Statement in the Green Room.

Escape Routes and Fire Exits
Most importantly, please identify escape routes and fire exits. Refrain from smoking. Use common sense and care at all times to protect the health and safety of both yourself and those working around you.

Dimensions and Effects
Stage Width: 26ft 6ins

Stage Depth: 20ft & 6ft Aprox

Pross Arch Height: 13ft 6ins

Lighting: A new lighting system is currently under construction. A new lighting an will be displayrd here once complete.

Sound: Basic PA installed. Behringer desk in control room, 2 onstage powered monitors, 2 wireless handhelds and 4 stand mics. Visiting sound desk space provided in auditorium.

Bistro/Art Gallery 100 people

Lift: Disabled persons lift installed

Two dressing Rooms: Toilets, Showers & ample wash hand basins

Green Room: Under Stage Area, access via side door

Orchestra Pit to front of stage for up to 12 musicians.

Car Park: public car park at rear of building


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